Find your Direction

Ready to be empowered?  Find a new direction?  Take your business to the next level? 

Adrienne Ashworth, President of A.P. Placement & Services Inc. has 30+ years experience in the IT industry and 15+ in Professional Coaching.  Combing 2 skill sets she is passionate about, Adrienne has created her dream job! 

If you are looking for a high energy Business Coach who is frantically excited about CRM, look no further.

Adrienne works with entrepeneurs and businesses of all sizes throughout North America implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help her clients identify & achieve targeted goals, both in business and personally.

CRM Coach Combo Program
She has designed a unique CRM solution to identify, track and achieve business, personal and family goals for solopeneurs. 
The unique CRM Coach Combo Program provides training and support on the CRM cloud solution along with Coaching to help subscribers identify, monitor & achieve targets, balance and more!
CRM + Coaching = Success for one monthly fee.

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My passion is my clients success!  Results delievered, guaranteed.